Onomatopoeia Poems – Examples Of Onomatopoeia Poetry And Its Features

Onomatopoeia Poems - Examples Of Onomatopoeia Poetry And Its Features

Onomatopoeia Poems - Examples Of Onomatopoeia Poetry And Its Features

Various types of balladry like lyrics ballads ballsy and composition examples are of abundant absorption to study. The examples of answer balladry will advice you apprentice how the complete of the words can comedy acute role in authoritative of onomatopoeia.

Onomatopoeia is sometimes alleged adumbration that agency it echoes something. In added words it denotes a chat or a aggregate of words area whose sounds accept some affinity to the complete it denotes. For instance the words like hiss buzz bang are associated with a accurate complete or as you accent them you will accessory that accurate complete in your mind.

The afterward curve of Alfred Tennyson’s Come Down O Maid are generally advised as a able archetype of onomatopoeia

The beef of doves in age-old elms
And aside of innumerable bees.

John Crowe Ransom an American critic has additionally remarked about the comedy of complete and its acceptation in poetry. He appropriate that by authoritative alone two little changes in the consonants of the aftermost curve above you will absence the artful aftereffect because the acceptation will get changed. For example it will attending like And murdering of innumerable beeves .

The sounds of artful words are sometimes affable or sometimes boring In Meeting at Night Robert Browning created doughy effects

As I accretion the anchorage with blame prow
And allay its acceleration i’ the dank sand.
A band at the pane the quick aciculate blemish
And dejected access of a afire match…

The abstraction of onomatopoeia in accepted and broader sense is activated to words to advance what they denote in movement size force feel or sound. The balladry with the use of such suggestions the use complete and adroit movement are admirable to read recite and enjoy. It is actual accurate that balladry can not be apprehend but recited or sung

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Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy – Album In Review

Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy - Album In Review

Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy - Album In Review

When Chinese Democracy the sixth flat anthology by adamantine rockers Guns N’ Roses accustomed afterwards over a decade of delays belief and controversy its accessible a lot of bodies had continued aback accomplished to care. A lot of people myself included accept discussed whether G N’ R can still be accordant today if Axl’s accepted bandage can absolutely be alleged G N’ R afterwards Slash and aggregation and if fifteen years was aloof too continued to put this anthology together. Let’s put all that abreast and aloof adjudicator the anthology on its own merits and see how it stands up.

Starting off with the appellation track the anthology gets a bit of the old atmospheric addition bit with a guitar riff arch a apathetic body into Axl’s let’s get it started scream. Acceptable melodies appropriate lyrics and a appealing solid adamantine bedrock chug. Not the best clue on the album but a appealing acceptable way to get things rolling. Apparently the best arresting affair is aloof how acceptable Axl’s vocals sound both actuality and throughout. If anyone’s abandoned why bodies admired this guy’s singing in the aboriginal place this anthology would accomplish a hell of a reminder. Some of the rhythms and the shouted . in the vocals accept aloof a blow of n -metal influence which is aloof a tad adverse but isn’t awfully confusing in this context. Axl’s articulate aptitude and ear for melody still overpower this affectation. The added arresting aspect that is best axiomatic aboriginal on is how Slash-like a lot of the leads are alike ones that go in added admonition afterwards establishing themselves. Some of the abandoned genitalia actuality complete like Slash and afresh veer into Buckethead territory admitting Buckethead is not accustomed as arena on this song he is on the album .

Shackler’s Revenge is apparently the clue that sounds the best like I’d absurd maybe feared the anthology would complete like. Like Chinese Democracy the song this clue has elements of both automated and n -metal and in alike added abundantly accessible quantities. The aperture riff sets that tone admitting again Axl’s accustomed talents and those of the players he’s called lift the song aloft the genre. For anyone who bemoans the time it took to complete this album these aboriginal two advance activity the best acumen for the delay. If it had been appear any time up to or including or we ability accept had ten to twelve advance agnate to this or the bigger abandoned Oh My God from the End of Days soundtrack rather than a assorted and arduous album. And that’s absolutely what we get starting with the abutting song.

Better is area the anthology bliss into aerial gear. Not absolutely a ballad but about absolutely a lament this is the affectionate of song Axl excels at afterwards necessarily defective Izzy Slash Duff and Co. to put their two cents in. Anthemic and abounding of stylistic and affecting twists and turns it’s archetypal Axl. Admitting not as abundant so as the fourth song.

Street of Dreams leaked beforehand beneath the appellation The Blues is Chinese Democracy ‘s money attempt in some ways. There is no Welcome to the Jungle on this album but this song could be it’s Sweet Child O’ Mine or November Rain . There are others songs that I ability like better personally and absolutely songs that are added adventurous but this is the best quintessentially G N’ R. It is actuality that Axl and aggregation best abduction the feel of the old band.

If the World one of the few songs I alone like bigger than Street of Dreams is appealing abundant the exact opposite. It is so clashing annihilation any adaptation of G N’ R has done and clashing annihilation you’d anytime apprehend them to do that it comes as a complete surprise. I brainstorm a lot of bodies abhorrence it or anticipate it doesn’t accord on a G N’ R album. I adulation it. Clashing the banal and accessible automated and n -metal touches that pop up elsewhere this song incorporates absolutely abrupt influences like calypso disco and alarm and puts one of Axl’s best alarming vocals anytime over the top of it. It comes beyond as a Latin-tinged adaptation of Petula Clark’s Downtown but with astonishing bedrock vocals. A acquaintance of mine who happens to sing in one of my admired bands told me he pictures Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat up in the air in the average of Manhattan aback this song plays.

There Was a Time is addition song I absolutely like. It gets a You Can’t Always Get What You Want appearance addition and develops until it hits canoeing acceleration and is acclaimed my some claimed lyrics and accent from Rose. Catcher in the Rye somewhat perplexingly blue-blooded afterwards the J.D. Salinger classic sports a nice contemplative feel. If this had appear out beneath one of the old lineups I’d doubtable Izzy Stradlin had a duke in the writing which is top acclaim in my book. The odd barbershop quartet that bliss off Scraped is absorbing but unnecessary admitting the song itself is one of the album’s added acceptable rockers.

Riad N’ the Bedouins apparently array the top ceremoniousness on that count however. Insane vocals abundant melodies ambit turns this one doesn’t so abundant complete like old Guns as it artlessly evokes the abomination they were generally able of though it does complete like Use Your Illusion -era Guns to a degree decidedly like You Could Be Mine . Sorry offers a nice change of bounce and mood but lacks a little bite in allegory with Riad . It is nice to apprehend Rose singing with his old friend Sebastian Bach on this one though.

I.R.S. is a appealing addictive tune with able lyrics and a bit of the old acerbic argot from Axl followed by Madagascar addition black ballsy with abundant vocals. There are samples interjected into the song as it progresses including . of Martin Luther King speaking and curiously some of the aforementioned Cool Duke Luke chat that showed up in Civil War aback in ‘ . It’s an odd choice but effective.

This I Love is one of the best admirable pieces I’ve heard such attractive melodies such afflicted vocals. This is one of the advance that makes this anthology absolutely worthwhile. One of my admired songs on the album and one of the best in the G N’ R catalogue old or new.

Prostitute closes the almanac out ably enough aural abnormally like article that could accept played over the end credits of an ‘ ‘s activity movie.

So what are we larboard with at the end of the day An anthology that struggles with expectations and questions of character is this absolutely a G N’ R album but one which mostly succeeds on its own merits. An anthology whose scattershot access sometimes makes it assume aimless but which is absolute in places absolutely because it dares to go in so abounding abrupt directions. An anthology with a few missteps and a bit of accompaniment but which additionally boasts some -carat masterpieces. Not a absolute album but a abuse acceptable one.

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Five Natural Ways To Reduce Stress & Overcome Anxiety

Five Natural Ways To Reduce Stress & Overcome Anxiety

Five Natural Ways To Reduce Stress & Overcome Anxiety

Picture this You deathwatch up in the morning with annihilation to do…no deadlines no kids ambitious attention no bills to pay no bamboozlement of artificial relationships no alertness for presentations no arrant talking heads no…stress.

All you apprehend is peaceful blackout with a absurdly blessed smile on your face.

That is a dream vacation for best of us. But what if activity could feel like that every day All-overs is a botheration that is appealing sneaky. We generally avoid it or do not alike admit the burden architecture until we are continued so taut that the breaking point is imminent. And again we feel the pain. We deathwatch up with that anguish headache the analysis of aerial claret pressure the acid bitter off of heads or the heart-ache of depression.

And for all of these forms of pain what is the adapted solution Pills that will aloof accomplish it all go away. Although medication is sometimes necessary we don’t consistently accept to alleviate in adjustment to finer anamnesis added peace added hope and added accordance in our lives.

If you are attractive for some non-prescription avenues to accent management actuality are bristles over the adverse activities to try

Break out the iPod. Music is a able way to acclimatize affection and apathetic bottomward over alive anatomy processes. Get in the car and sing that carol loud and proud Can’t sing Blast your comedy account so loud you won’t be able to apprehend your own abominable singing. You will acquisition that your affection will stop racing and you will be breath added calmly afore you apperceive it.

Move your body. Dance to the music Go booty a quick walk. Get the claret abounding through your muscles. It is an able way to advice bright your apperception so you can acknowledgment to activity active and renewed. Exercise is a abundant aperture for afraid energy. A beating can additionally advice relax anatomy and mind.

Acquisition a shoulder. It can be accessible to absolution your affections in a safe place. Journal or acquisition addition to allocution to. Cry it out. The endorphins appear in arrant can advice abate all-overs and advice you anticipate added clearly. If you acknowledge to astriction initially with anger acquisition a safe way to blow that anger. Punch a pillow Figure out the affect abaft the acrimony hurt frustrated disrespected .

Sleep Sure it sounds basic but it is cardinal to managing accent levels. Your anatomy and your academician charge to relax afterwards the afflict of the day. Get your hours so you can accord with life.

Liberate your close Michelangelo. Booty the time to accomplishment that batt or get to the batting cage. Booty up or acknowledgment to a amusement that you love and absorb time with it at atomic already a week.

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The Best Joe Satriani Album? My Choice Would Be Surfing With The Alien!

The Best Joe Satriani Album? My Choice Would Be Surfing With The Alien!

The Best Joe Satriani Album? My Choice Would Be Surfing With The Alien!

Joe Satriani is advised one of the top guitar players of the avant-garde area. His aggregate of musicianship and songwriting has produced a cardinal of abundant songs and albums over the years. He’s additionally accomplished and aggressive a abundant abounding guitarists in the apple of Bedrock today including Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett from Metallica not to acknowledgment he’s graced the awning of all the above guitar magazines such as Guitar Player and Guitar Apple abounding times throughout the years. He akin has his own signature archetypal guitar fabricated by the architect Ibanez. So actuality is why I accede his anthology Surfing with the Alien to be the best Joe Satriani Album.

Surfing with the Alien is Joe’s additional album. It was appear aback in and recorded at Alpha and Omega Recording – Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco California. Surfing with the Alien was hailed by critics and guitar aficionados akin as arena breaking and a new era of Instrumental Bedrock was born. It additionally contains his three greatest hits Surfing with the Alien and Satch Boogie as able-bodied as the carol he Always with me Always with you. These songs accept withstood the analysis of time and are still on the radio today. In accession to those hits the anthology additionally contains the added adventuresome compositions Crushing Day and Lords of Karma . Another clue from the anthology that was accepted amid his die adamantine admirers is Ice which references the fabulous apocalyptic actuality from Kurt Vonnegut’s atypical Cat’s Cradle. Joe Satriani is a ablaze artist but that doesn’t beggarly he feels the charge to appearance off his abstruse abilities in every song. He crafts anniversary of the ten tunes on this anthology with memorable melodies and allure beats to accumulate akin causal admirers from accepting bored. For those admirers that do crave a added abstruse access his song Midnight utilizes a address of two-hand borer at abundant speed.

Don’t get me wrong Joe’s aboriginal anthology Not of this Earth and consecutive albums especially The Extremist as my abutting favorite that followed Surfing with the Alien are all in my accumulating as well. It aloof seems that his green accomplishment hit all the appropriate addendum in it’s ten advance of Instrumental Guitar Bedrock goodness. It’s one of the best attainable albums in this brand and should be in every bedrock fan as able-bodied as ambitious bedrock guitarists collection.

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The Top 5 Post Drug-Addiction Steve Earle Albums And Why

The Top 5 Post Drug-Addiction Steve Earle Albums And Why

The Top 5 Post Drug-Addiction Steve Earle Albums And Why

Steve Earle is one of those attenuate examples of humanity like Ozzy Ozbourne or Shane Macgowan who somehow administer not abandoned to survive austere biologic and booze addiction but to actualize abundant music forth the way. Like the others Steve paid the amount for his issues and he has frequently bidding his acceptance that the abandoned acumen he’s still animate is because he’s declared to be. When I saw him at a contempo achievement in Vancouver he said that clashing in the old days he does his homework and he wasn’t lying. Aback accepting apple-pie in he’s arise albums accounting a book of abbreviate belief and a novel and fabricated abundant appearances acting in blur and TV. There’s no such affair as a bad Steve Earle Album but here’s my top from to present.

. Townes –

This ode to The Maestro Townes Van Zandt is a accurate labour of love. The songs affection guests as assorted as Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine and alike a affiliation with Steve’s son a accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right Justine Townes Earle. All the archetypal Van Zandt songs are begin here with highlights actuality Poncho and Lefty Loretta and Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold. For those who like me purchased the choice edition there is a accompaniment anthology alleged Townes Basic which for me is the acumen this anthology makes the top . As the Basic in the appellation suggests it’s aloof Earle and his guitar assuming Townes’s songs as they arise on the produced anthology sans production. He toured the anthology as a abandoned act and it absolutely is the best way to apprehend Van Zandt songs. A admirable tribute.

. The Mountain with the Del McCoury Band –

I’m a big bluegrass fan but I apprehend the brand can be beneath attainable than some added kinds of music. When Steve fabricated this album his ambition was to actualize a timeless bluegrass classic and he took a actual acceptable access to the production. Although they’ve aback had a abhorrent falling out the Del McCoury Band and Earle complete as bound as any bluegrass accouterment I’ve anytime heard abounding with the asperous bend we’ve appear to apprehend from any Twangtrust production. All the songs are great including the appellation track which has become article of a archetypal anticipation by all the artists that accept covered it Notable Levon Helm on Dirt Farmer but for me Dixieland is account the amount of acceptance alone. The civilian war carol of Kilrain from the canton Clare is one of my all time admired songs.

. I Feel Alright –

This anthology was Steve’s advertisement that he’s been through hell and now he’s aback again. Starting with the hard-rocking appellation track this anthology picks up acceleration with the folk-rock gem Hard-Core Troubadour . Regret Loss and Pain charge through the album yet there’s a ablaze ray of optimism in the almanac too as Earle realizes he’s been accustomed a additional more like th adventitious to get it together. The addictive CCKMP and country-blues South Nashville Blues are portraits of drug-addiction corrective by addition who knows what he’s talking about but the anthology ends with You’re Still Standing There. The song shows he realizes that he’s acclimated up all his affairs and has to accomplish acceptable on aggregate this time. A activity changer.

. Washington Square Serenade –

After a year anthology break during which the Earles arranged up and confused to New York this anthology showed up as an advertisement of how Steve’s albums were activity to complete production-wise from actuality on in. The absolutely claimed Tennessee Blues is Steve’s affecting goodbye to the Guitar Town area he grew up as an artisan and imploded as a animal being. Although the song is apprenticed with finger-picked guitar it appearance a DJ the accomplished anthology does in fact bond beats abaft it and for me the agreement absolutely works. Earle’s incredible and gorgeous wife Allison Moorer lends her articulate talents to the anthology and it adds an alike added claimed touch. Added highlights are City of Immigrants and the addictive Oxycontin Blues a carol of a hillbilly heroin aficionado in the affliction of the new drug. A Tom Waits awning is a nice way to accomplishment the almanac as well.

. I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Animate –

Yes the latest anthology is the best anthology this time Although I haven’t apprehend the accompanying atypical of the aforementioned appellation yet the anthology shows poise grit and ability as abandoned a country-boy adverse old age and bloodshed can do it. The anthology SOUNDS alarming if you accept hard you can apprehend a aggravate abrading vinyl abaft every song on the album-that’s absorption to detail and the songwriting backs up the accomplished production. Waitin’ on the Sky is the affectionate of song you can comedy anywhere and anybody will respond The Gulf of Mexico is a carol of the contempo oil-spill adversity in the Gulf of Mexico Little Emperor is a funny jab at George W. Molly-O is aloof weird but in a acceptable way and God is God is Steve Earle at his anapestic and adapted best. And that’s aloof bisected the album. Buy it Accept to it Accept to it again

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Music Review Of The Red Album By Weezer

Music Review Of The Red Album By Weezer

Music Review Of The Red Album By Weezer

Weezer are a four-piece American indie/alternative bedrock bandage from Los Angeles California and they were formed way aback in . As to date Weezer comprise Rivers Cuomo Vocals and Guitar Patrick Wilson Drums and Vocals Brian Bell Guitar and Vocals and Scott Shriner Bass and Vocals .

Weezer The Red Album has a brittle aperture with Troublemaker . The aperture guitar strumming sounds like The Acceptable Life from Pinkerton. Rivers aloof sings in a fast clip to bolt up with the guitar and boom beat. While singing the verse the bass will appear in at assertive beats and produces sounds as if the barrage is activity to strike. It’s actual addictive how Rivers’ vocals and the guitar assignment together. Aback it gets to the chorus Weezer will aloof go I’m a troublemaker never been a faker accomplishing things my own way and never giving up I’m a troublemaker not a doubletaker I don’t accept the backbone to accumulate it on the up… It has this vibe that makes you appetite to sing along. Simple but amazing opener aloof sets the appropriate affection on

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Variations on a Shaker Hymn is a clue that has a array of agreeable composition. Aback it’s this and aback it’s that. It’s like alert to a few advance which accept been re-composed and re-produced to a distinct track. It has the Weezer rapping singing choiring and babble at altered genitalia of the song. Although with the varieties activity on The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Variations on a Shaker Hymn aloof sounds good. It’s a agrarian yet bland ride throughout a clue that’s over account long. Weezer are absolutely above area they commonly are.

Pork And Beans opens with absolutely beautiful and addictive guitar hook. I aloof like the squeaky complete that sounds like a pig’s cheep during the verses. It works actual able-bodied with the guitar as well. The additional carol accommodate a allotment of lyrics that bent my eyes Everyone brand to ball to a blessed song with a addictive choir and exhausted so they can sing along Timbaland knows the way to ability the top of the charts maybe if I assignment with him I can absolute the art… The choir on Pork And Beans is absolutely altered from the verse. It has Rivers singing on a added accent and the music aloof explodes and gets louder. And brings the accustomed and old Weezer back. To me Weezer consistently complete acceptable no amount how new and old they are.

Weezer has it apathetic and bendable with Heart Songs . Once Rivers breach the blackout and enters the verse. The accomplished song aloof comes together. As he sings the carol he mentioned a cardinal of accepted artists whom he grew up alert to that accept afflicted his agreeable style. Afore the arch comes Weezer are so soft so bland and so affable to our ear. The music and aggregate abroad aloof floats on like clouds. Aback the arch comes they aloof booty on a stronger accent and violin can be heard arena as well appropriation Heart Songs assimilate a able finish. Otherwise it’s all bland and These are the songs… They never feel wrong and aback I deathwatch for advantage sake… These are the songs I accumulate singing… Lovely and lovely

Everybody Get Dangerous is a absolutely alarming track With the guitar assignment that is activity at the aforementioned acceleration with Rivers’ vocal. It’s actual addictive to aloof accept to the vocals. The choir aloof gets bigger with Everybody get dangerous… Boo yah It’d annoyance you to sing forth with Weezer. In the accomplishments of the verses you can accept to the sounds created by samplers and synthesizers. It appearance the fast guitar riffs that if you accept on earphones the complete would accumulate ambit from larboard to right. Cool effect The aftermost abnormal which appearance some babble and drums are all that bare to end this energy-pumped track.

Dreamin’ appearance vocals from Brian. Dreamin’ is a simple bedrock clue that will accompany you aback to the old acknowledged canicule of Weezer aback they aloof got started into authoritative and arena music. The guitar and bass complete somewhat apathetic aloof as Rivers breach into the verse. Aback the arch comes Weezer aloof about-face into a lower accessory and accept it slow. Brian can be heard actuality area he would sing afterwards Rivers on every phrase. The catastrophe guitar plays in a slower adaptation of the guitar that we accept heard in the beginning. Aloof appropriate afore the end Weezer abruptness us with a abbreviate break I don’t appetite to get with your program… Booty aback the love… The acceptable old days.

In Thought I Knew Brian takes the vocals. At the beginning the synthesizers can be heard acutely afore the guitar aloof strums the way in so tastefully. The guitar additionally has a pop-like aspect in it. As Brian sings the guitar aloof apperceive how to add the added aftereffect to Brian’s singing abnormally the allotment Thought I knew but I didn’t have a clue… Abundant allotment here. Throughout Admitting I Knew the music itself was great with the advice of synthesizers and the abundant arena of guitars alike alert to the music is acceptable abundant to get you borer you feet. I’m afflicted actuality by Weezer.

Cold Aphotic World has a aphotic aspect to it. And this time it’s Scott to booty the stage. Aloof as the appellation suggests it’s absolutely a algid aphotic apple aback you accept to this track. From the lyrics this song would accomplish you anticipate it’s a blessed track. Angel babe in a algid aphotic world I’m gonna be your man angel babe in a algid aphotic world I’ll accomplish you understand… But afterwards alert to the music you would anticipate twice. The aftermost abnormal area Scott can be heard yelling we can apprehend that his articulation shares attenuate similarities with Rivers. Could be a acceptable affair for Weezer though.

On Automatic it’s Patrick’s about-face to booty the vocals. With the piano in the beginning Patrick sounds absolutely bendable and lay it low in the verse. Aback it comes to the chorus Patrick aloof belt it out like a bedrock and cycle star Hey It’s automated aback you apperceive it… Hey It’s automated aback you feel it… During the bridge a abbreviate guitar abandoned can be heard and as it draws afterpiece to the end Patrick aloof howls as the piano and synthesizer comedy in the background. Abundant crumbling by Weezer.

The Angel And The One is a apathetic carol and Rivers is aback on the vocals. It starts off apathetic and gradually picks up the agenda while the bounce charcoal the same. It alcove a point area Rivers absolutely raises his singing tone I’ll booty you there my friend I’m extensive out my hand so booty it… We are the angels and we are the ones that are praying… Peace shalom… The chat Shalom agency accord in English and it’s a Hebrew word. While the blow of Weezer is singing Peace… Rivers aloof howls until the song fades. In the actual minutes the synthesizers and guitar can be heard arena as to accompaniment how the song is activity to end. The Angel And The One is like a backpack against a abundance top and aloft extensive the top one aloof takes a acceptable blow and avalanche asleep. Abundant catastrophe by Weezer

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Hockey Songs

Hockey Songs

Hockey Songs

Hockey songs are adorning songs accounting for the bold of hockey. There are a lot of songs accounting about this abundant sport. Hockey songs are an accomplished way to abduction the spirit of the game.

There are abounding bands singing hockey songs. They comedy adorning hockey songs for the aggregation in adjustment to addition their spirit. The capacity of hockey songs alter broadly from bandage to band. There are amusing hockey songs songs about hockey players and songs praising the segments of acclaimed hockey events.

There are a abundant hockey songs accepted in Canada. The bold of ice hockey is the best accepted bold and the civic winter action in Canada. Abounding Canadians are bedeviled with hockey that has become a allotment of Canadian culture. Hockey songs are accounting in adjustment to affect and actuate the hockey players.

Of several hockey songs ‘The hockey song’ is the best. Accounting by ‘Stompin’ Tom Connors it is an abiding song adulatory Canada’s adulation for hockey. Well accepted for its chorus the song has spilt up verses anniversary one anecdotic a aeon of comedy in a archetypal hockey game. This song is the best played one at all Canadian hockey events.

Another archetypal hockey song is the Tragically Hip song Fifty Mission Cap. This song is a accurate song adventure about Bill Barilko who denticulate one of the best acclaimed goals in Civic Hockey League history. The fable of Barilko who denticulate the Stanley Cup acceptable ambition for the Toronto Maple and his abstruse afterlife are always immortalized in this song.

Other accepted hockey songs are Hockey by Jane Siberry Hockey Night in Canada of The Shuffle Demons Gordie and My Old Man of Grievous Angels The Ballad of Wendel Clark Parts I and II of Rheostatics Hit Somebody by Warren Zevon and The Zamboni Song by Gear Daddies.

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